Get these astounding coffee earrings today! You will love them, and so will your friends, so get them a pair too! :) Made from quality, laser-cut, weightless birchwood. You wont even feel them on your ears, because they weigh LESS than the popular leather earrings! 


Weight: >1.5g

Weight of the average earring: 6.68g

Legnth: >2 in. with hooks


You can color these with Sharpies, I was not a fan: I may be bad at it? ;-)


***A word about shipping. I took these to the post office today. 1-3 kits are the same rate. You will not be charged per item, just one time. I hate the rates more than you do, but I got an eye opening trip to the post office last week which took over 30% of my profit margin. So, hope you understand. Locals: Curbside/Contactless porch pick up always available!

Coffee Lovers Earrings