This comes as an unassembled kit. It is uninished flat pieces (I will be using better birch wood versus this basic plywood shown) you will put it together with a friend, or not ;-). Stain it, color it, have fun without screens with a grandkid, choices are yours. People are home and looking for things to do. We will be adding MUCH more this season, So stay tuned!


Kit will come with FULL instruction. You will need only a hot glue gun, a stick from your yard,  and any paint or finishes you desire. I used a minimal amount of stain on each of these. 


These are nice and big: 


Short and wide pumpkin (orange)-13" wide x 9" tall

Round Pumkin (oak stain)-10-11" round

Gourd 8" wide x 13" tall


***A word about shipping. I took these to the post office today. 1-3 kits are the same rate. You will not be charged per item, just one time. I hate the rates more than you do, but I got an eye opening trip to the post office last week which took over 30% of my profit margin. So, hope you understand. Locals: Curbside/Contactless porch pick up always available!

Fall Table Decor Kit