Karina Herring + The Northern Palette


The Northern Palette comes from my love of the North and all things colorful. I live in Michigan and adore it! I have been painting alongside my Dad for many years. Nothing thrills me more than looking at a yucky wall or piece of furniture and transforming it completely within a few hours into something grand.

My family and I currently live in a beautiful country-like setting in Belleville, MI. My husband is wonderfully supportive of my small hobby turned business venture. I am currently home schooling our 2 children, most of the time this works out alright.  I am working to meet all kinds of goals: some necessary ones, and some fun, outrageous ones! I am completely humbled and thankful that you have stopped by the site today. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to do what I love.


Vintage Market + Design Furniture Paint

We exclusively use and sell Vintage Market & Design Furniture Paint and finishing products. This paint enables anyone to create long-lasting finishes on wood, metal, glass, rigid plastic, or fabric. The recipe for the paint was developed by a French Tanner family. In 1969, the recipe was updated to allow for more color choices and a longer shelf life. The paint has no harmful toxins or odors; it is tinted with natural earth pigments and requires no priming or sanding.